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Building Stone

We produce a range of contemporary and traditional Cornish Granite Building Stone, perfect for house building, garden and retaining walls or even as an internal cladding



Traditional Rustic facing stone in a rubble build style, for exterior natural stone walling. Irregular shaped stones of random shape and size.

Cropped to 100-150mm bed width with a mix of silver grey and buffs create a warm and vintage finish



Random Facing Stone for traditional stone walling. Relatively square-edged stones of random heights and lengths, with some irregular pieces for naturalism.

Cropped to 100-150mm this is a very buildable stone creating a unique effect

Semi Coursed_edited.jpg


Our Semi-coursed Facing Stone is formed of relatively uniform square to rectangular shaped stones of random heights and lengths. It is a non-coursed walling stone.

The semi-coursed build style gives a more contemporary feel than our Random or Rustic facing stone. It is cropped to a bed width of approx. 100mm

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